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Archive for April, 2017

Can you imagine your lucky numbers being drawn in your favourite lottery, but you forgot to bet that week! It’s not unheard of, sometimes life just gets in the way, whether it’s a hectic week with the kids, a manic time in the office or maybe you’re off on holiday and forgot to bet. Luckily we have the solution! Meet Lottoland’s subscription, a special feature that will never let you miss a jackpot again!

Subscriptions on Lotteries

Lottoland’s lottery subscriptions are an automated renewal of a Betslip and it runs until you decide to cancel it – which you’re free to do at any time.

Your Betslip will be entered continuously in every draw, so there’s no need to visit the website and submit your numbers again. And, of course, there is no extra fee for this option.

You can also choose how often you would like to be billed for your subscription – from every two weeks up to every 52 weeks. This means you can go a whole year without having to worry about your lotto numbers!

Lottery Subscriptions and how they work:

Some Lotteries allow players to subscribe to their favorite games so no matter where they are in the world, they don’t miss out when their lucky numbers come up.

There are some services such as TheLotter which are online and will order your lottery tickets with specified numbers at the schedule you setup. What’s even more interesting is if you are in the habit of driving to another state to buy lottery tickets when the jackpot reaches a certain limit, you can now just buy them online — and — you’re not limited to one state or even one country. So in addition to automating your life, you can add a bit of variety, too, by playing different lotto games in different locations.

How to Renew Your Bet

Your lotto bet will automatically renew for the duration period you select. It may be replaced every 2, 4, 8, 26 or 52 weeks. Just check the “Sub” box and choose the duration you want. You can change your period when your renewal comes up again. To make sure you have set things up correctly, review your account settings or call us for confirmation.

How do I Pay for My Subscriptions?

After the final draw on your lotto bet, it will renew automatically. If you have a two-week subscription; the payment will be for two weeks. If you have a four-week subscription, the payment will be every four weeks. Recurring payments will come out of your Lottoland Player Account. If your balance is not enough to cover the whole amount, the additional payment is taken from the credit card you have on file.

How do I Check my Lottoland Bet Results?

After each drawing, an email is sent to each player. It will let you know if your ticket was successful and if you have a claim. All winning amounts will be credited to your account, once they are confirmed.

To find the winnings, sign into your account and click on ‘My Transactions’ from the drop-down menu. This will show your winnings and the total balance in your account. Your account balance will be used to pay for your next renewal period. You can also use the money in your account to set up new subscriptions.

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