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In a game of online blackjack, many terms will be used without any doubt. If a person who does not have prior knowledge of a game tries to play a game, he will come out utterly confused. It is easy to understand the terms when the player has basic knowledge of card games. In the blackjack game, it is common to use more than one deck of playing cards. Seven or eight sets are commonly used by casinos nowadays. The numeric valued cards are taken at their face value. The face cards, J, K and Q are valued at 10 and the Ace is generally valued at 11 and sometimes taken as 1. The most common Online Blackjack terms that a player will hear during a blackjack game are hit, stand, deal, surrender, double, insurance, split, card value or hand value.

The online blackjack game is played between a player and dealer. The dealer can be thought of as a representative of the house and the dealer rules and player rules might vary. Dealer will deal the cards to both the player and himself. The hand value is the totaled up value of all cards making up the hand. A player is said to have hit blackjack if the two cards making up the player’s hand are an Ace valued at 11 and a number 10 card. Player is given a chance to place a side bet when the dealer’s hole card is an Ace. It is generally believed that insurance does not work in favor of the players most often. The player can place bets or surrender a game and even double the bets between each round. There are many promotional offers available in such online blackjack games to benefit the player.