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There’s something about picking your own lucky numbers, isn’t there? Most of us experience a ‘thrill’ every time we pick out numbers to play with. Which numbers should we choose this time? Should we stick with the same numbers as before, or should we try something new? How about the statistics? Wouldn’t it be prudent to check which numbers have already been chosen the most, and stay away from numbers which have been picked least? All these considerations come to mind whenever we are deciding which numbers to play with – and each one has a valid point indeed.

The numbers system of different individuals

If you speak with different lottery enthusiasts, the chances are great that each one would have their own system in regards to choosing their lucky numbers. Some might opt for numbers that have a significant meaning, such as a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special day. Others might opt for totally random numbers, hoping that their chances of winning might increase. Yet other lottery enthusiasts might take the numbers game more seriously and analyse past data and statistics, trying to find out which numbers are frequently chosen or not. But regardless what type of system or strategy you have been using, there are some other tips which you might want to keep in mind as well.


Special numbers can affect your winning chances


The fact is that many people like playing with numbers that have a special meaning or are significant to them – and this means birthdays and anniversaries and the like. These numbers, though, all fall within the days on the calendar, which means that they end at 31. If you continuously choose special days as numbers to play with, you might be missing out on numbers that are higher than 31, such as 45, 87, 39, and the like. It might be a good idea to switch your numbers once in a while or at least mix your numbers up.

The ‘choose ten’ strategy

Another way to perhaps increase your chances of winning is to carefully pick out a set of ten numbers which you can play with as many times as you want. If you diversify your numbers and make sure that you pick them carefully, the chances are greater that the numbers will get picked out eventually – and the odds in your favour will increase.

Play with a lottery syndicate

Being a member of a lottery syndicate through lottery syndicate organisers like DTD European Services LTD (under the trading name Elite Lotto) can also increase your winning chances since there are more of you – resulting in more tickets as well. And, by being a member, you can be sure that you will never miss a draw as tickets are always purchased in advance.