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Like someone who loves casinos gambling, you are probably aware of the pitfalls awaiting those who decide to try a new online gambling site. Some casino rooms do not keep their promises, some offer bonds with terms and conditions that even a NASA scientist would understand, and some are just scammers. Play on the wrong platform, and you are likely to lose your money. Win something on a website no legitimate casino and good luck for your money. Here you can explore more about StarGames.


If you want to play some casino games, but are afraid to end up on a bad casino site and get your stolen money – you are not alone. Casino Smash since launch in 2013, we’ve received hundreds of emails and messages from players like you. People want to know that casinos are safe, what they really pay for, and what they give what they promise. Casino Smash here, we take their concerns very seriously and have worked tirelessly to ensure that our site will become one of the most transparent and transparent internet casino casinos. It becomes very difficult for an individual to find the top rated online casinos because the vast range of casinos available online, and is where we believe our experience in the game can really make a difference.

On this page you can find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of our readers. Read carefully review the answers and follow the suggested readings whenever you may need more information to throw their doubts and finally start enjoying a casino gaming experience really no stress. Here you can explore more about StarGames.

Learn to play


There are many casino sites to avoid and some that are very good. Online casinos can be very good to convince the world that they are safe and legitimate (yes, somehow these guys are very good at online marketing) even when they are not. However, if you are a losing player, this may be due to several reasons, such as:

  • You’re playing in a disgraced casino
  • They are not familiar with the rules
  • They are not familiar with chances
  • You are not using the right strategy


Learn more about each of the steps to become a winning casino player. There are only a few reliable online casinos, and you should play, are probably not the ones with the highest prize or those that indicate that you are a few minutes (or cents) far from driving a Ferrari brand. If you want to be able to play in a casino you can trust when you need to withdraw money, pick one from this online casino list. These rooms are legal and authorized to actually pay the winnings. Choose one of those rooms and wait for them to win – it’s when you realize that playing online casinos has been a legitimate right choice.

Also, if you want to be sure to choose a room casino that pays fast, take a look at our deep reviews where you will find everything you need to know about each room appearing on this site

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