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It is one of a traditional game in the online; it played by the many people in the world, especially in Indonesia. The millions of players are competing in analyzing intelligence and good luck cards.  It is one of the gambling domino with the genuine money oriented game. If you hear the word qiu qiu sure these words are very popular to your year for the betting.  That word can immediately remain you with a familiar card game.  This game is played by the more number of peoples for their relaxation and leisure. But the game has been used as casino games for money in huge numbers for the players. For your players playing domino Qiu qiu want real profits then you ought to listen to guidance from us about Free play Qiuqiu following features of :

  • Minimum deposit and withdraw Rp. 10,000 through bank BCA, Mandiri, BNI and BRI
  • 10% bonus on first deposit (min. Deposit first Rp. 100,000)
  • Bonus 2% each deposit (min. Deposit of Rp. 50,000)
  • Bonus references 10-20% of each piece on the game table your friends
  • Can be played through a computer, Android, Blackberry 10 and iPhone
  • Maximum 6-players in one table, desk Available Quickly
  • There are a wide range of tables with different stake: Rp. 500 s / d Rp. 70,000

How to play this domino qiu qiu game?

It is a set of cards consists of 28 pieces of cards and that contain the dissimilar number that could be played by two to six players. The player’s domino Qiuqiu will be distributed as many as four cards and the player who has the highest card value will come out as winners. It has the four cards deal should be combined together of which four will be two pairs of cards will be a combined value.  And the total value of the cards will be calculated from the two pair of cards. The sum of two cards has computed the value of more than ten cards and more than twenty cards so the number of values is taken only the number of it. Each player will initially distribute the money to the gambling center. And the transaction process will be based on your debit card, credit card and also the internet banking, so you don’t worry about your gambling money. If the game Domino Qiuqiu ended with a draw or a draw then the winner will be determined by pitting caste custody highest existing on each puz and if there is no caste of custody between the players.

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